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Age Grading - Multiple Results

This page allows you to age grade an entire set of race results if they're in a parsable, fixed-width format. It uses the 2006 age-grading factors available from World Masters Athletics.


Add Example Results
Age Column:      
Time Column:      

Race Results

These results must be in fixed-width format. Use an external text editor (or count over) to find the 1-based column numbers for the required Age and Time columns. A Gender column is optional if all the results are for a single gender.


The graded output should contain two new columns. The first shows each runner's "open class equivalent time", which is approximately what they would have run in the 20-30 year old age group. The second new column shows each runner's "age graded percentage", which is a ranking of their performance relative to other runner's of the same age and gender.

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